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Christmas dance 2020

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At CoolStuff, our core mission is to spread happiness and love, especially around Christmas. In the both unusual and uncertain times that defines the Christmas of 2020, this is more important than ever. If you live in Sweden, you can participate in our pursuit to spread joy and happiness to the ones that need it the most.

This is a message from The Christmas Health Agency of Sweden

After a long and unusual year, Christmas, the most important holiday of the year for Swedes, is finally approaching. While Santa, gifts and festive food all are essential parts, there is one thing that distinguishes the Swedish celebration: dancing around the Christmas tree.

To dance around a decorated Christmas tree while singing carols is an ancient Swedish tradition which dates back to the 17th century when the Swedish empire reigned over parts of Europe. For Swedes, this is as important as the Maypole dance at Midsummer, another rather peculiar Swedish tradition.

This year, however, the 400-year-old tradition is at risk because of the Coronavirus. In all other countries, the normal response would probably be to forbid the dance altogether, as it involves close contact with other people. But in Sweden, we always do things a bit differently.

The Christmas Health Agency of Sweden is of course in charge of securing a happy and healthy celebration for every Swede. After thorough research and numerous experiments, we have found one traditional Swedish song which can be performed in a responsible way with just a few small adjustments: the song “Små grodorna”. "Små grodorna", which is Swedish for “little frogs” by the way, is a well-known song, and Swedes love singing and dancing to a song about small frogs.

And therefore, The Christmas Health Agency of Sweden proudly presents the Swedish Christmas Tree Dance – Corona-edition.

Safe Christmas celebration

The best option is of course, to celebrate Christmas outside. Unfortunately, Christmas occurs in the midst of winter, and even though Swedes are tough as Vikings, neither the small frogs nor the elderly relatives joining the celebration can stand the cold very well. But with a few thoughtful adjustments, the festivities can safely be moved indoors.

Prepare by disinfecting branches of the Christmas tree, and other surfaces that people may come in contact with, with a nice shower of detergents.

Feel free to let a bottle of hand sanitiser accompany the Christmas snaps on the table, especially if you have a buffet. Just make sure not to mix them up, the snaps might burn in your throat but is nowhere near to be strong enough to kill a nasty virus.

Safe Christmas dancing

Do not forget to invite family and friends to a digital celebration if they can't join the festivities in person. Point a webcam or smartphone towards the Christmas tree and prepare to synchronise the dancing with them who are attending online.

First of all, gather around the Christmas tree and make sure to keep at least 2 meters distance from the others. A regular frog measures approximately eight centimetres, so imagine a neat row of 20 frogs between you and the dancer next to you. If you still are doubting the size of a regular frog, try to imagine a space wide enough to be filled by Kermit the Frog and at least two of his friends forming a conga line between each person around the tree. Secondly, if you have come across the "Små grodorna" dance before, you probably know that it involves parts where the dancers are turning around to face each other, and parts where you are touching your own face. This is NOT how we do it in 2020, please avoid this at all costs! Instead, make sure you all are facing the same direction throughout the entire dance. When you are supposed to lift your hands to your head (to show where the tiny frogs definitly do not have their ears – the lyrics of this song really is as confusing as the Swedes themselves are), make sure to lift your hands high above your head and refrain from touching your face.

Okay, now you are ready for the chorus: Kou ack ack ack, kou ack ack ack, kou ack ack ack ack kaa. Kou ack ack ack, kou ack ack ack, kou ack ack ack ack kaa.

Since this is the only dance you will take part in this Christmas, we recommend you to repeat it at least one more time. Remember to follow these rules, and wash your hands thoroughly before continuing the Christmas celebrations.

The Christmas Health Agency of Sweden wishes you all a merry and safe Christmas!

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